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I Do Not Have To Respect Your Butterflies & Puppies Bullshit

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What this community is for:

You can call this misogyny, you can call this a backlash, you really call this whatever you want. If you're being a whiney little bitch, I guess I don't give a fuck about you.

What this community IS, or rather what it was originally made for, is a place where men or women, regardless of sexual orientation, can discuss gender roles. Moreso, where we can discuss just what's so awesome about "manly" things, the erosion of masculinity by Political Correctness and Neo-Feminism, egalitarianism, what a man's role in society is, and kicking ass. Essentially this is a place for you to voice your opinions without fear of being labeled a pig, a mysoginist, or a sexist. Now, because I'm all about freedom of speech, I'm keeping this open, so if some feminists come in here, guns a-blazing, just give em what for. Call them dumb broads, stupid cunts, be offensive as you want. This isn't a place for feminazis to come toting bullshit against men. If you have a problem with a member or myself, feel free to contact me:

email: parallaxgl50@gmail.com
personal journal: parallaxgl50
AIM: ParallaxGL50

If you're a quick one, you'll notice a trend. I like to keep things simple.

*Note! This is NOT a place to advocate violence against women or actual rape (as opposed to rape fantasy)*

Defining Masculinity:
The dictionary gives a pretty pathetic(and so not manly) definition of masculinity.

So here's some things I've come up with(in no particular order). You don't have to meet all criteria to be manly, nor is manliness limited to the following aspects:

*Being bad-ass
*Watching/Playing sports
*Drinking Beer
*Playing Poker
*Not making a big deal out of things
*Automotive interest
*Banging Hot Chicks
*Banging Ugly Chicks (but only while drunk)
*Beef Jerky
*Personal Responsibility
*Cowboy Hats

etc. etc. etc.

Here are some womany things:

*Being whiney
*Talking about your feelings
*"Empowerment" (as opposed to Strength, Honor, Justice, etc.)
*Reading WAY too into things
*Pussyfooting around a subject
*Subtle Hints
*Being against violent entertainment
*Being against men being horny
*Liking you for who you are
*Making a big deal out of things
*Unneccesarily complicating simple situations
*Not wanting to ruin "special friendships" with sex
*Double standard of wanting men to be more womany wile condemning manliness
*Bullshitting about what you want

OK, now that we've established that, feel free to Contribute/bitch.

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"We are a generation raised by women.
I'm wondering if another woman is the answer."~Tyler Durden