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this is a double-post for those of you who've befriended me....

anyway, i'm watching this thing on sharkbites, and there's all this stuff about the heroes who rescue those people. balls of fucking steel. i caught the tail end of a story: this dude's kid was grabbed by a NINE FUCKING FOOT tiger shark, and the guy jumps in the fucking water and wrestles the thing. i'm not sure, but i think he might have died. like i said, i missed most of it, but the kid did die. too bad, but that's not the point.

here's the thing: Is there any other creature on God's green earth that would jump INTO water DURING a shark attack and fight the damned thing? that's manly

oh, and i've noticed that none of the heroes were women.

where's your feminism when a nine fucking footer's got your kid? In the strong arms of the alpha male, that's where!
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